Hilda Shen

Slice I     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype Slice II     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype Slice III     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype NightSky     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype NightWay     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype UpDraft I     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype UpDraft II     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype UpDraft III     Ink on paper     25x25in     2011     Monotype SkySquare     Paper ink wax print     7x7ft     2010 SkyThere     Paper ink wax     21x24in     2010 SkyEdge     Paper ink wax     37.5x23in     2010 SkyLot     Paper ink wax     37x34in     2009 One-Line Landscape V     Broken pencil on paper     6.43x16.5in     2000 One-Line Landscape VIII     Broken pencil on paper     6.25x17.25in     2000 One-Line Landscape II     Broken pencil on paper     17.5x6.75in     2000 Aerial Suspension I     Broken pencil on paper     26x14.5in     2000 Print II     Ink collage on digital print     7.875x8.125in     2010 Keep in Keep out     Paper ink wax     8x10ft     2004 Yosemite     Paper ink wax     108x114in     2004 The Lost Ones     Paper ink wax     8x10ft     2003 RockStrata     Paper ink wax stone     14x18x25in     2003 Geode     Paper ink wax stone     22x23x5in     2004 The Vanderbilt Jar     Aluminum screen fishing line     20x20x50in     1996 Born in Glass     Aluminum screen fishing line     20x20x50in     1996