Li Xiangming

Aesthetics of Common People Foggy Village 2     Mixed Media     60x74cm     2009 Breath of Earth     Mixed Media     300x300cm     2010 Patch among Patches     Mixed Media     60x60cm     2011 Square and Rectangle Patches     Mixed Media     60x60cm     2011 Rags in Woman Peasant\ width= Structure of Mountain Areas 1     Mixed Media     180x160cm     2012 Structure of Mountain Areas 2     Mixed Media     180x160cm     2012 Similar and Dissimilar Study 1     Acrylic     150x150cm     2013 Dream of Evolution     Mixed Media     80x80cm     2013 Composition of Reality 3     Mixed Media     60x60cm     2013 Fellow Countrymen     Mixed Media     160x180cm     2013 Survival     Mixed Media     130x180cm     2014